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Below are some of the best Dinner and Dancing restaurants in South Beach Miami Florida and near by...

Imagine you go to a restaurant by the beach where you could seat outside where every one passes by (as they watch you cornering the dish with one arm while putting one spoon after another into your mouth fairly fast, lol... I'm kidding, but hey I've seen it happen, specially when the food is that good :) ) where was I? oh, yeah... 

and that after you eat and have some drinks you could (at that very same restaurant) dance with your partner or someone in the place! Hey that's my kind of place, find one below...

MANGO'S Tropical Cafe

This restaurant-and-club is right on the busiest section of Ocean Drive. Pretty busy all the time with beach goers, tourists and locals.

The most fascinating thing about Mangos Tropical cafe is the tropical atmosphere on the first floor, with constant Latin and reggae live music performances while hot female and male dancers perform on top of the main bar, this starts at around 6Pm getting even better by 10pm.

At any given time you can dance along to the DJ and performer's music (people's always dancing and having fun here, day or night). Plus most of what's going on could be seen right from the sidewalk.

After 11pm not only all this gets better, but 2 other clubs on the second floor get pretty pack too!


-Fridays Latin nights: Merengue, bachata, salsa, and 40's

-live performances


Just 8 blocks south of Mango's you find Nikki Beach, this Restaurant-and-Nightclub has what you could call a beach front View (even though you don't see the beach because of fencing around it, it is right on the sand!). 

Just go all the way to the back passed where all the beds are, and you're at the beach.

There you can find (right on the sand) lots of Beds, tribal type tents, cabanas, sun baiting chairs, and all of the alike.

Best night for Nikki Beach restaurant as a club is Sunday nights.


Also part of the south beach Nightlife restaurants. Adding one of the best Nightlife experience on a Monday!! If you're here on a Monday, tantra is probably the place to go to have an upscale dinner and then party all night.


Less than 15min from South beach. Located in the area of Brickell, DownTown Miami. Open daily as a restaurant (nice too, with multiple bars, on a second floor and daily performances) then at around 11pm it becomes a club, getting packed mostly Wednesday through Saturday.


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