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Selling your home

If thinking: how can I sell my house fast? it all comes down to one thing: market value, which is how much someone who is capable of buying your house is willing to pay for it, when compared to others similar, and in the same area.

Everyone with an upside down mortgage it's trying to sell (as a short-sale), and at the same time banks are trying to sell all of the properties they have foreclosed on, plus getting approved for a mortgage being tighter, most of the sales going on are being done by investors, most of them from other countries who are buying mostly all of the properties priced at current market value (very low prices, due to the high number of choices out there).

So if homes similar to yours and in your area are selling for close to $300,000, don't expect yours to sell for $400,000, they won't even go see it once they know the price, and if they do it's not to buy it, it's to emphasize how cheap the others are, and if a crazy person puts a contract on it, it will be a waste of time once the appraisal come's in (at reality value).

If you hire a realtor to sell your home and you convince him/her to over price it like that, the only one who is going to benefit from it is the realtor because he might get a few leads of ready buyers who might buy your neighbor's house who's might be priced right, while your house won't sell and the listing will expire, and you'll hate him by the end of the listing period (unless you are told upfront of the expected result)

SIDE NOTE: You would think that when you search for homes (and condos too) in Miami Beach (which have a very high value) you'll see this beautiful pictures and that everything would look so perfect (almost magical, jajaja) not at.. all.... it's a shame that you hire someone to list your home, or condo, and that's what you get (shake my head)....


Fast home sale and closest to market value

Put it up for sale with a realtor and price it up-to 10% below market value, or at least lower than the competition. If you have time then wait for the ones priced better than yours to sell (which might just keep coming), and then wait to see if a buyer pays market value for yours (sometimes the more days your listing has in the system the less buyers wanted, they start thinking something might be wrong with it, sometimes the same happens with too much of a low price)

Selling my house fast on Craigslist

If you want to give your house away put up an ad on craigslist (which get lost in the list in a few minutes) and wait for all of the phone calls you'll get from investors and bargain hunters offering you about 30%, 50% and even 70% off the market value of your house, sure they'll buy it at those discounts, but you'll end up paying a lot more than you would've paid a realtor, and you'll get much less money in your pocket, plus you're letting all kind of strangers into your house.

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