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On a budget and hunting for south beach hotel deals? Well, you could save a lot of money and be able to do a lot more fun things while in Miami Beach Florida just by being more flexible, diligent and thinking outside the box.

Some important things to consider to get discounted hotel rooms:


  • Plan your vacation well in advance

  • Ask about package deals, promotions and special discounts for seniors, military, students and for your work company employees.

  • Compare between booking through Major online agencies like and others which often have great south beach hotel deals when you bundle car rental and air fare with the hotel), booking through the Hotel itself or when using an agent.

  • Compare on-season package deals to off-season rates and see if is worth paying a few extra dollars on the package or the opposite.

  • Look into weekly rates if staying longer than a week.

  • If driving ask about parking expenses. 

  •  BE FLEXIBLE: Reserve during off-season or Mon-Thu when hotel rates are up to 50 percent cheaper. If the room is just for crashing, after you're quoted a rate, ask if less expensive rooms are available. If type and location of the hotel are not a great deal to you, let a name your own price online travel agency such as Priceline . com or Hotwire . com do the work for you, only thing is you won't be given much information on the hotel until you pay for it, but if you say 4 star hotel they will get pretty close to it. Note: usually this hotels just want to make some money on the empty rooms but do not want this low rate to affect their normal rates! 

  •  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Do you or a friend of yours know someone who works for a hotel chain? Ask around! They get great discounts. Just as you should ask for a first class upgrade every time at the airport, you should do the same at the hotel front desk. You could also try to bully your way up by nicely complaining about the condition of room you were given to see what they offer, you could always say you'll just take the first room. 

  •  ALSO: If possible get a room with a cooking area to prepare your meals, food it's expensive! 

  • Fight extra fees that are not mention to you until you check out. It's good to know those fees ahead of time. If staying for at least 2 weeks push for a free night.

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