South Beach Miami Florida

How about south beach vacation rentals, where you will feel right at home when far from home!?

Just think about it...rooms for everyone, full kitchen, a lot more room, private pool and Jacuzzi, water view, private parking with garage or just a few steps from your front door, washer and dryer...

Other good benefits of vacation rentals are: more privacy and a much better quality of time with yours.

A vacation rental is your best option if you are bringing the kids, if there are more than 2 of you, or simply to feel at home.

If your goal is a successful upgrade, downgrade, relocation, or maximizing return on investments, Hairon Vasquez specializes in selling & renting homes & condos in South Beach Miami FL:

Real estate broker/owner/agent South Beach Miami FL

Haijova Realty Group, LLC


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