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If you are considering living in South Beach Miami most likely you've been here before either on vacation or for business purposes, or you are simply a nearby city local who wants to enjoy life more by being a Miami beach local rather than occasionally visiting for the beach or nightlife.

South Miami Beach is a great place to live in for many reasons, and there is a place for all types of life styles. Even though it's all based mostly on the person's income, desires and likes, for my experience... most young, single and adventurers will rent an apartment by themselves or with a roommate; a middle age person who is also single and adventurers will either rent as mention above or try and buy their own 1 bedroom condo if possible; a married couple with no kids will definitely try to own their own place, at least a condo close to the beach; a married couple with kids will try to purchase their own house; and the rich and famous either single, married or with kids will move into a mansion or high-end condo, a luxury condo with an oceanfront location or a mansion in one of the many islands surrounding South Beach, like Star Island, Fisher Island and others.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and/or ask yourself, if you are considering living in South Beach:

Do I want to buy or rent? A studio, apartment, condo, house?

Do I qualify to buy or to rent? Funds, Credit?

Can I deal with a noisy place and/or area?

Should I consider the most conservative areas of South Beach?

Do I want a view of the city, beach, ocean, bay?

Think of the reasons why you want or need to live in the South Miami Beach area, and try and make sure you get exactly that, out of the property and area you choose to live in.

Anywhere you land in-and-around south beach you're pretty much good to go, but when you add oceanfront, luxury, and a central location to all best places in south Miami's much better!

Where do you start? First by browsing this website for more incite and then by either contacting a real estate agent (I'm listed below) or by searching for properties listed either for sale or for rent on the MLS.

If your goal is a successful upgrade, downgrade, relocation, or maximizing return on investments, Hairon Vasquez specializes in selling & renting homes & condos in South Beach Miami FL:

Real estate broker/owner/agent South Beach Miami FL

Haijova Realty Group, LLC


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