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Even though you can pretty much walk throughout almost every business door in south Miami beach simply wearing shorts, sandals and no shirt, everything changes when trying to get into Nightclubs, Bars, Lounges and some restaurants.

Most people want to be in an environment where everything and everyone looks just perfect, where it seems like you will have fun, meet cool people and not have to worry about problematic ones.

Clubs, Bars, Lounges And some Restaurant owners not only want these things from their guests, but that they also have money to spend and the only way they can predict all of these is by the way you're dressed.

Put yourself on the shoes of these business owners and think of how you as a guest will be of value to their business, sure you can spend $1000 in one night but, what will 20 other guest say about the club the next day? that they won't go back to that lounge because owners let in guys wearing shorts, tank tops and hats? (even though some do but, most don't) it's just and example, but you get the idea.

Dress Code Tips for South Beach Miami's cool places.

Here is a good rule to fallow to get into pretty much any Nightlife Venue without a dress code being an issue, I call it "the uniform" :

SHOES:: Just one pair (black), average price and very comfortable. would suggest Steve Madden.

PANTS: 1-2 stylish dress pants (no crease, 1 back & 1 Gray-ish) and 2-3 Designer jeans but fairly pain (no flashy stuff. choose variations of light & dark blue only)

SHIRTS (must have a collar): this is where the million dollars shows on you. Again nothing flashy, just plain Hotness! Get 3 stylish short sleeve shirts and 2 stylish polo shirt (no lines, no squares). Trying them on a 5-10 pieces per fitting session makes it easier to find the ones that fit u better. Use the polo-shirt for less strict venues.

Quick Note for Guys: Working out at least your Biceps will fill up the sleeves more and will make u look better(for the girls) plus less weak.

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