Lincoln Road
South Beach Miami Florida

South Beach's Colony theatre is located at the fun, friendly and playful Lincoln Road Mall, right next to Segafredo. If waiting (or after the show), finding something to do, buy, look at, eat or drink around theatre should be as easy as turning your head.

Opened in 1935, recently renovated. Types of show: music, dance, theater, comedy, opera, performance art, and film.

There's plenty of parking buildings around it (trying to find a meter nearby will be hard, most parking south of it it's residential and you will be towed)

Where do I park? just a block away(west) right on Lincoln road, just above Rosa Mexicano which is in front of the Movie theater but, it cost 20$ most of the time, but when you get out the of parking lot you're right in the action: Yes, it's like running towards your 80" flat screen tv on your wall, jumping in it at the peak of the movie and landing right next to a grenade ;)

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Details for Colony Theatre:

Address: 1040 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 305.674.1040

Map location:

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