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Yes there is surfing in South Beach, even though it is not as popular as other places around the world, reason being that for the most part we don't have a constant stream of high waves to make the really good surfers happy; It is a perfect place for beginners to take lessons and get a feel of the adventure and thrill that comes in riding waves, introducing you to what could be your desire to go on a surf trip to places like Maui in Hawaii where surfing is serious and don't stop, plus competition tournaments are done very often. 

Also, our normal weather conditions make it perfect for a more enjoyable kite-surfing day and for easy learning when taking kite-surfing lessons.

Now, you can get more advance surfing opportunities when the weather is bad, which is not what you would want while vacationing in south beach. However as long as it's not raining it won't affect a thing.

You will find most surfers in south beach close to the south end of the beach, close to south pointe pier as you can see in the back ground of this video.

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