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Jungle Island is an incredibly popular attraction located in between Miami Miami and Miami, FL. It is an entertaining, educational and exciting place to visit which is open 365 days a year. It will probably take you approximately 3 to 4 hours to see everything. You will learn about exotic animals, enjoy the exhibitions and shows that Jungle Island offers.

You will also be able to experience up close and personal encounters with most of these exotic animals. To encounter exotic animals such as orangutans; albino alligator; the 900 pound Tiger, he's part lion and part tiger will be amazing. You can experience feeding the Red Kangaroos and see the awesome South African Penguins! Don’t forget about the Lovable Lemurs, from Madagascar. The size of the giant tortoises is amazing; some males grow to 500 pounds and can live for 150 years. 

Interacting with Trainers and Animals as you wonder through the park will be part of this amazing experience. Touch, ask questions, and make friends Jungle Island is a place where you will see spectacular shows that are presented daily such as: Winged Wonders, a world famous captivating bird show that includes beautiful, dangerous and playful birds. The other show is; Tale of the Tiger is an up-close, un-caged, unbelievable interaction with the world’s rarest and most powerful big cats and their human companions.  It focuses on conservation and education.

On Jungle Island’s private beach La Playa you can ride on the thrilling fun water slides, jump on the fun bouncy houses or just swim and relax. This place is a lot compared to a zoo but it is definitely 10 times better. However, what sets Jungle Island apart from a regular zoo is the close proximity that you get with the animals. You are merely feet away from many of them. It has playgrounds, shows, lots of parrots, exotic and rear creatures that you only see in documentaries. There is a petting zoo with farm animals that you can bottle feed baby cows and baby goats. You can also feed the birds and many other animals too. If you are an animal lover you this will be a mind blowing experience! 

They have a calendar with the following events and exhibits that take place on daily basis at different times:

  • Flamingo Feeding
  • Petting Zoo
  • Manu Encounter
  • Dr. Wasabi's Wild Adventures
  • Kangaroo Konnection
  • Winged Wonders
  • Tale of the Tiger
  • Lorikeet Feeding
  • Monkey Chat
  • Walk of the Wild

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