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Parasailing as you can see in the video below is just being attached to a parachute and being pulled by a specially designed boat, which has a special plat form and reel mechanism. This ride is a most do for all the family.

The attachment on the parachute where you hang on could carry up to 5 people.

What can you expect from this ride? Well, after you pay and is your turn to get on the boat, and depending on how busy they are, they will either pick you up in the same boat; or a jet Ski or a different boat will take you to the riding boat and you'll have to jump on it, while most likely other people are still up in the air and slowly falling (is pretty awesome when this happens if you are up there, because you see them taking their time 

while you are falling and you start wondering if they'll ever going to pull you back up). 

Once in the boat you'll be given a special harness which goes around your legs and chest that kind of forces you to be in a seating position when you're hanging up in the air. Whenever it is your turn to ride the people up in the air will be pulled down to the platform until they are in a seating position, un-hooked and sit on the boat.

Since you already have your harness on, you just sit on the platform and hook to the special railing of the parachute and off you go!

The electronically controlled reeling mechanism is specially designed and attached to and for this boat, plus it will reel you in and out very slowly. Most people think this ride is hardcore, but it is not; this could be done by anyone since it moves very slowly in all directions, specially when in idle (boat not moving); it's like being in a blimp. If you've never done this before, then it's time to do it and scratch it off your bucket list.

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