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South Beach Miami Florida

South Beach Jet SKI rentals could be a lot of fun while vacationing here, especially if you have never ride a jet ski before. Just think about it..... the speed, the Water splashing on your face, the sun beating on your neck, the wind that just won't stop, the Freedom of changing direction almost as fast as a fish.

Some of the things you Must Know Before you rent a JET SKI:

Those born on or after January 1, 1988, must have completed a boater education course to operate a power water craft(PWC) including a jet ski. Some rental places provide it on site but, your best bet is to do it online.

If you were born before Jan 1, 1988 you may ride ALONE without taking the course.

-Minimum age to rent a jet ski is 18.

-Minimum age to operate a PWC is 14 (after completing boater course).

-Anyone under 14 years of age can ONLY be a Passenger.

Other things to consider

Save $$$:

Most likely each one of you will want to ride their own jet ski, but 2 & 3 seater not only are much cheaper than renting 2 or more single seater but, they could be a LOT of FUN too. Think about it... every one on the Jet ski having the same experience as the others and being able to talk about it, right there and then... being JUST a passenger for a while... which gives you the opportunity to mess with the others, people and site seeing, or simply be the loud one.

Find out if a half or full day rental is a better deal for your needs.

Ask questions:

Might have to leave a deposit.

Riding area - you don't want to be fined.

Some have insurance, others don't.

What if Jet Ski breaks down.

What if Jet ski is returned Late.

Jet Ski Rental/Tour Rates and Rental Places:

1/2 hour: $60
1 hour: $109

Hourly tour rate $119
2nd hour half price

Ride Zone $70 /hr plus tax & gas
Tour $90 /hr plus tax & gas

1 hour $119 TOTAL
1.5 hour $149 TOTAL

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